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Gladiators Duel Deck

Gladiators Duel Deck

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The Havoc! Gladiators Duel Deck provides 108 full-color cards in a tuck box, which are all the cards needed to play a one-on-one fight between one of three Gladiators – the Retiarius, the Secutor, or the Thracian.

All Havoc! Duel Decks contain a selection of cards, including cards for Archetype/Foe, Class, Prowess, Ability, Weapons, Armor, Wound, Bash, and Melee Cards. Each Duel Deck also contains the Combat Action Cards for each fighter, as well as the Tactic Cards needed for a Havoc! match-up. Because a discrepancy exists between the Armor printed on the Archetype Cards and the Armor Cards provided, this Duel Deck is discounted.

Players will need to download the free Havoc! Quick Start Guide for the rules. Players also need to supply their own ten-sided dice (a red die and a white die).

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