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Knights Duel Deck

Knights Duel Deck

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Havoc! Knights Duel Deck. This provides 108 full-color cards in a tuck box, and provides all the cards needed to play a one-on-one fight between two heavily-armored Knights (the English Man-at-Arms and the Half-Sword Knight).

All Havoc! Duel Decks contain a selection of cards, including cards for Archetype/Foe, Class, Prowess, Ability, Weapons, Armor, Wound, Bash, and Melee Cards. Each Duel Deck also contains the Combat Action Cards for each fighter, as well as the Tactic Cards needed for a Havoc! match-up. The Knights Duel Deck has a slight discrepancy in its card composition by providing two Prowess 4 cards instead of one Prowess 4 and one Prowess 5 card, As a result, this Duel Deck is discounted.

Players will need to download the free Havoc! Quick Start Guide for the rules. Players also need to supply their own ten-sided dice (a red die and a white die).

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